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Welcome to Dragovic apartments! We are glad that we can offer one of the finest and highest quality apartments in Petrovac . Family Dragovic is a family with a long tradition and experience in providing tourist services, and owns two houses with apartment accommodation on attractive locations. All apartments are adapted to the needs of every guest.

Apartments OBALA are located in the center of Petrovac, only 15 meters from the beach. Apartments offers free Wi-Fi, free parking and air-conditioned accommodation units. All studios and apartments have flat-screen TV with cable channels and kitchen or kitchenette. All rooms include a private bathroom with shower. We own tennis courts and diving school nearby. Also we are able to organize excursions and renting car and boats . A variety of restaurants and food shops are located a few minutes walk. Bus station in Petrovac is 100 meters away. The international airport Tivat is located 40 km from the apartments Obala.

LANISTA apartments are located in a quiet part of Petrovac, 300 meters from the beach and city center. They offer free Wi-Fi, free parking and air-conditioned accommodation . All studios and apartments include flat-screen TV with cable channels and a kitchen or kitchenette. Each accommodation unit has its own bathroom with shower. Nearby there are tennis courts. Laundry and ironing services are available to guests. A variety of shops, bars and restaurants are within 300 meters. The bus station is 400 meters from Lanista apartments . City Bar with the railway station is 20 km away and airport Tivat is 40 km from the apartments Lanista.

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